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Packaging Design and Development

In the current regulatory environment which has become more stringent with a merger and acquisition mode of business strategy, there is a growing need for label updates, local label alignment, artwork and packaging updates. This has become a mandate to ensure the systems are compliant, scalable, auditable and cost-efficient.

GSS Pharma's Artwork team develops primary and secondary packaging complying with all the customer and regulatory requirements for various dosage forms like Tablets, Capsules, Oral solutions/suspensions, Syrup, Injectables and Ophthalmic preparations.

GSS Pharma has dedicated packaging capability which can handle different types of packing configurations like blisters ( PVC/PVDC/ACLAR, PP and Alu- Alu), blister in pouch, tropical blister, strip, child resistant blister, bottle with CRC and screw cap, injectables followed by automated secondary packaging which also supports pharma code reading, anti-counterfeit features meeting customer and country specific requirements.

A team of expertise at GSS Pharma works efficiently in helping the pharmaceutical companies in terms of Artworks and Labelling considering the above mentioned aspects.

  • Artwork Development: Designing the artworks as per the specifications for all packaging components
  • Content Development: Content write-up in adherence to applicable Regulatory guidelines
  • Regional Specific Labelling and Updates: Text & Translational services
  • Product Information Quality: Guidance, Applications and Submissions
  • Structured Product Labelling (SPL)
  • Labelling Management