Our Services

To provide industry-leading expertise, progressive strategy, consistent performance, and services customised specifically to the needs of each of clients and customers.

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Pharmaceutical Finished Products
  • Excipients
  • Packaging Materials
  • Nutraceuticals & Food Supplements
  • Consumer Health Care Products
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Supply for Testing, Formulation Development and Commercial scale from CEP/DMF Sources
  • Pharmaceutical Finished Products: Supply of wide range finished products from WHO GMP approved manufacturing facilities
  • Excipients: Broad range of excipients (Coating materials, Coloring agents, Flavoring agents etc)
  • Packaging Materials: Primary and Secondary Plain and Printed packaging materials. (Glass, Plastic bottles/vials, Aluminium foils, PVC/PVDC films, Cartons, Labels, Leaflets etc)
  • Nutraceuticals & Food Supplements: Good range of Nutraceuticals and food supplements from within India and other regulated markets worldwide
  • Consumer Health Care Products: Healthcare products organised into Pain Relief, Respiratory, Oral Health, Nutrition/Gastro-Intestinal and Skin Health categories

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