Packaging Materials

Packaging of pharmaceuticals is very important as it’s the only medium that protects the products from physical, chemical and microbiological invasion. Thus the packaging material plays an important role in the packaging of pharmaceuticals.The packaging material should be in such a way that the product inside doesn’t get exposed to any kind of gases like oxygen, nitrogen etc. Exposure to gases, light, and moisture should be prevented as it may lead to dangerous consequences. Drug packaging should be completely leak proof as it may cause loss of solvent, contamination and may even stick to the container.

Taking into consideration all the above mentioned standards, we at GSS Pharma Private Limited take the lead and responsibility in manufacturing and supplying of Pharmaceutical packaging materials that fulfils the best quality standards.

Following are the list and the detailed description of the packaging materials that are manufactured and supplied at GSS Pharma Private Limited.

S.No Packaging Material
1 Plain and Printed Aluminium Foil
2 Clear/Opaque PVC Films
3 Plain and Printed Cartons
4 Leaflets
5 Printed Labels
6 Droppers and Measuring Cups
7 Caps and Spoons
8 Rubber Stoppers

ALUMINIUM FOIL (Plain and Printed)

  • Appropriate primary packaging due to unrivalled barrier from moisture, micro-organisms, light, oxygen and other gases thereby preventing the products from external factors.
  • Versatile, Non-hazardous packaging with no plasticizers.
  • Offered in Coated, Printed, Laminated, Slit and Cold-formed.
  • Available in varying thickness and type in accordance with final use.


Type of Aluminium Foil

Design Obtained

Thickness (in Microns)


AluAlu Foil

Plain and Printed





Blister Foil

Plain and Printed





Strip Foil






Lidding Foil

Plain and Printed




Plain and Printed

Will be manufactured and supplied as per customer’s request.

PVC FILMS (Clear/Opaque)

  • The product is manufactured using the best quality of raw materials, in a controlled environment by complying all the international quality standards.
  • Stringent quality checks procedures to obtain perfect repeatability.
  • Widely used for Blister packing of Tablets, Capsules, Syringes, Needles, Ampoules, Vials, Suppositories, Ointment tubes, Medical kits, Surgical dressings, etc.


Type of PVC Foil

Thickness (in Microns)

Coating Thickness (In Microns)

Colours Available


Rigid PVC Film


Clear, Amber, Yellow, Red, Green, Opaque [Note: Special colour shades will be manufactured and supplied upon customer’s request.]


PVDC Coated PVC Film

200 -350


Clear, Transparent or opaque

PRODUCT CARTONS (Plain and Printed)

  • High quality printing technology.
  • Procedures offered: Cartons with high quality printing with Embossing/Debossing/Braille Embossing/Foiling to meet International Standards.
  • Auto Punching
  • Inner (Small Carton)Pasting
  • Leaf Printing
  • Lock Button Pasting
  • Manual Punching.
  • Outer Pasting
  • Packaging and leaflets made using excellent grade paper having adequate strength to permit safe and efficient handling during transit and warehousing.
  • PVC/ BOPP Lamination
  • UV
  • Varnishing


We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Dropper, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. These products are at par with international quality standards and can also be customized as per the specifications detailed by the customers. Moreover, our droppers are mainly used to pour medicines or liquids in the eyes and other sensitive areas. Manufactured using optimum quality raw material, our range can be availed with various colours of rubber and caps, in order to meet the requirements of the customers.

Measuring cups are mainly used for measuring liquid that suits the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. These measuring cups are checked by skilled quality controllers to ensure defect free and quality products. These measuring cups can also be embossed and printed as per customer’s requirement. Available in 5 mL, 10 mL and 15 mL. Various other sizes will be prepared as per customer’s requirement.

  • Crack resistance
  • Safe to use
  • Exact calibration
  • Optimum durability
  • Proper fitment on the bottle
  • High quality
  • Non-toxic


Caps are designed for smaller containers that dispense products such as eye drops or nasal sprays. To dispense the product the consumer aligns the indicia on the cap, pushes down, and then rotates the cap to a stop. The cap can then be removed and the product is ready to be dispensed. After use, the cap snaps back on in any position. 

Measuring spoons are mainly used for dispensing powder & liquid formulations that suits the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. These measuring spoons are checked by skilled quality controllers to ensure defect free and quality products. These measuring spoons can also be embossed as per customer’s requirement. These measuring spoons are available in various shapes, sizes & colours.

  • Durable
  • Safe usage
  • Easy to hold
  • Crack resistance
  • High quality
  • Non-toxic


  • Made as per globally accepted standards of manufacturing and analysis.
  • Available in standard as well as in RFS (Ready for Sterilization) and RFU (Ready for Use) forms, in order to remove washing, rinsing and sterilization operations.